Aura Cacia Essential Oils Review

Aura Cacia Essential Oils review

Find More About Aura Cacia Essential Oils From This Review

Aura Cacia is a reputable and well-known essential oil brand inspired by the power of progressive change. The company is unique for its co-op structure and the ability to manufacture high-quality skincare oils and essential oils from pure and simple botanical ingredients. Aura Cacia claims to source its materials carefully and sustainably from the best sources across the universe. It tests all of its essential oils to verify their quality and purity.

The company was established in 1982 as part of Frontier Co-op, and since 1993, it has been spreading positive change around the world. One of the ways the company achieves this is via the Positive Change Project, a yearly program supporting institutions helping girls and women transform their lives.

A humble beginning, Aura Cacia is currently a worldwide sourced firm with plenty of health-oriented retailers across North America. As a co-op, the company is not owned and operated by a small entity; its ownership is divided among each one of the distributors. The joined ownership means that all members are active advocates for ethical and sustainable practices.

Through its sustainable practices, Aura Cacia manages to educate and train all farmers. And also, it gives back to the underdeveloped communities from different parts of the world. These are just the basics, read the sections below to discover more. 

What’s the Best Thing About Aura Cacia?

Aura Cacia is known for many great things which include:

  • Its essential oil products are 100% pure.
  • Aura Cacia features a unique enterprise structure, namely co-op, where multiple businesses and owners make crucial decisions.
  • The company meets with all of its supply chain members, establishing a common understanding of the levels of quality control required while at the same time establishing strong relationships. This results in high-quality products.
  • All of the essential oil kits from this company come with training literature and pamphlets that provide customers with useful information about how to use the products they have just purchased.
  • Aura Cacia has a complete product line-up, which includes body care items and accessories. It means that customers can do all of their shopping with the brand if they want.
  • The essential oil bottles from Aura Cacia come with child-proof screw caps, ideal for a family household environment.

Aura Cacia Company History

Unlike most popular essential oil brands in the United States, the Aura Cacia Company is uniquely structured. Many companies have a multi-level structure, which is not the case with Aura Cacia. The institution sells its products directly to its consumers, but it is part of the co-op structure, with Frontier Co-op acting as the primary umbrella company. 

Co-op means that multiple businesses own the firm. The main advantage of this type of structure is that all members are involved in the decision-making process. This is beneficial than when one top member makes the final decisions. 

Co-ops are always accountable and responsible to their members through Annual General Meetings. With this in mind, the company started in 1982 as a two-person operation. After a few years, it began bottling its essential oil products in response to its customers’ requests. Since its start, the institution has grown and evolved rapidly to meet the current market’s needs and requirements. At the moment, it is one of the leading essential oil product suppliers in the world. 

Cool Brand Values

Aura Cacia has some cool brand values. To start with, the mission of this institution is to be responsible not only to people but also to the whole world. This value makes all customers feel good when purchasing any products from the company. Additionally, the company supports different organizations from all parts of the world.

When traveling across the world to find the best essential oils, members from Aura Cacia encourage sustainable growth that helps preserve and improve land and other resources for the future. As part of the Frontier Co-op’s sustainable sourcing initiatives, Aura Cacia supports the grower’s communities with different charitable projects that significantly improve people’s lives.

Offering outstanding essential oil products is another cool brand value. The firm creates its products from pure ingredients, which means that they are sure to improve users’ wellbeing. All products are tested for quality and purity before they are presented to customers. 

Product Line-Up

Aura Cacia has a vast array of high-quality essential oil items and accessories. Currently, the company is selling approximately 61 essential oil blends and around 133 single essential oils. Also, there are around 44 body care products, including essential oils roll-on, essential oils room and body mists, body creams, and facial care items like organic skincare oil and rosehip facial serum. Overall, this is an extensive product offering, meaning that every customer will find something to take purchase. 

Aura Cacia Organic Essential Oils

Aura Cacia provides its customers with lots of organic essential oils to pick from. As part of the product line-up, there are 133 single essential oils out of which 28 are USDA certified. This means that Aura Cacia meets all the requirements for being organic certified. The only downside is that Aura Cacia is not transparent since it does not provide batch reports that show all the ingredients in its essential oils. However, this is beneficial to the company since it helps it offer unique products.

Aromatherapy Accessories

Apart from body creams, lotions, and oils, the company also offers a great line-up of aromatherapy accessories. You will find different air diffusers, ranging from candle lamp diffusers to USB room diffusers. That being said, it means that there is at least something to meet every need and taste. 

The company uses state-of-the-art technologies to create its aromatherapy products, and the Terra Cotta room diffuser is one of them. This simple round disc is manufactured from the Terra Cotta material, and you can hang it anywhere in your house. The product is easy to use as you only need to add between three and five drops of oil on the back of the diffuser and hang it up.

Aside from the Terra Cotta room diffuser, there are also over 50 products under this category. Some of them include Celtic Diffuser Necklace, Fairy Diffuser Necklace, Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Air USB Room Diffuser, and Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mist Ultrasonic Room Diffuser. 

Aura Cacia Essential Oils Sets and Starter Kits

Aura Cacia has an essential oil starter kit that features different types of essential oils. Each kit includes Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Peppermint essential oils. Additionally, it comes with a detailed learning guide with some recipes, quick tips, safety guidelines, and dilution rates. Despite having four popular essential oils, this kit’s price is around $19.99, which is affordable. 

Aura Cacia Essential Oil Roll-Ons

If you love roll-ons, then Aura Cacia is a perfect place for you. It has more than 15 different roll-ons for you to choose from. You will find both skin-nourishing jojoba aromatherapy and pure essential oils from anywhere, anytime. And what is more? All of the roll-ons available at Aura Cacia come with small containers making it easy for users to carry them around. 

The roll-ons are available in four different scents, and you are free to choose your favorite one. Some of the roll-ons that you can purchase from the Aura Cacia store include Medieval Mix, which is designed to provide a cleansing aroma and protect users from germs. This roll-on has a spicy and sweet aroma, and the best thing about it is that it does not smell plain or boring. 

Other types of roll-ons available are Eucalyptus Roll-on, Chill Pill Roll-on, Lavender Roll-on, Frankincense Roll-on, and Organic Opening Heart Chakra Balancing Roll-on, to mention just a few.  

Aura Cacia Body Care Products

When it comes to body care products, Aura Cacia offers 11 aromatherapy body oils, 3 kinds of body butter, 5 hydrosols, 17 organic skincare oils, and 18 skincare oils. All of the products under the body care category are purely organic, meaning they are free from chemicals or synthetic fragrances. 

Additionally, somebody care products like the Aura Cacia Organic Coconut Oil are Fair Trade Certified, proving that Aura Cacia is committed to providing its customers with the best products. When you apply it on your skin, it leaves a protective layer and penetrates the hair shafts for deep conditioning.

The Best Essential Oils From Aura Cacia

Since Aura Cacia has been in the essential oils and body care products industry for many years, you should only expect natural, pure, and high-quality products. Whether you love warm sweet scents of hot spicy ones, you will be sure to find a perfect option. 

All of the best essential oils from Aura Cacia have different functions, ranging from releasing stress and anxiety to homemade cleaning solutions and serving as effective pest repellants. Our top three essential oils from this company include:

Rose Absolute

This essential oil is one of the top picks thanks to its rich and long-lasting floral aroma. When diffused, Rose Absolute will provide a stabilizing environment during grief, stress, or anxiety. It has zero synthetic fragrances and colors, and it is a 100% pure essential oil.  

Chill Pill

The Chill Pill essential oil is available in different types. This great blend features a proprietary mixture of Chamomile, Lavender, Citrus, and other useful herbals. Its aroma is smooth, calming, and refreshing. 


This is another essential oil that Aura Cacia specializes in. It is one of the most powerful products that you will come across out there. It comes with a rich, deep, earthly aroma making it a perfect oil to blend with lemon or neroli. Also, you can use it on its own. 

Quality Control and Standards

Aura Cacia believes that quality begins at the source, and that is why experts from the company travel to different parts of the world to find high-quality essential oils. They ensure that all of the essential oils grow naturally, and they are from sources that share the company’s values of sustainable practices. It has developed strong relationships built on trust and integrity with the people who provide the company with the raw materials.

 Before it can accept ingredients from any source, the company considers various factors, including the environment, product quality, social values, and information sharing. Honest relationships often turn into long-lasting partnerships. Also, the company creates mutually-beneficial and ethical business associations that allow for improving both the environment and social conditions of grower communities while at the same time providing high-quality products. 

Aura Cacia ensures that its suppliers meet various requirements, including fair treatment and worker safety, environmental stewardship, sustainable growing practices, community involvement, and essential oil quality and purity. 

Certified Organic

It is difficult to come across pure organic essential oils out there. Luckily, the Aura Cacia essential oils company has many USDA certified organic oils. Certified organic essential oils are held to high standards, which means that everything from the source of ingredients to the manufacturing and processing procedures is strictly audited. 

Some of the certified organic oils from Aura Cacia include Tea Tree and Peppermint, as well as some exotic aromas such as Black Pepper, and Dark Patchouli. It means that Aura Cacia is an ideal destination for individuals looking for certified essential oils.

Aromatherapy Grade

The essential oils from Aura Cacia aren’t listed as aromatherapy grade; however, this should not prevent you from using its products. The omission doesn’t reflect low quality, but the company’s choice not to take part in this type of grading. As an experienced essential oil user, you already know that there is no third party or independent institutions that deal with grading essential oils either as therapeutic grade or not. 

Many firms use this term for marketing their products. So you should be careful when purchasing products from such companies. Aura Cacia decided not to include the term on its labels since it feels that it is misleading.

Testing Procedure

At Aura Cacia, all essential oils are tested in the company’s lab when they arrive. All oils must go through rigorous testing before the manufacturing process begins. The company uses GC/MC testing technique, which is the primary way to ensure that a given essential oil is 100% pure organic. 

Also, all the essential oils are GC tested to ensure that they are properly identified and unadulterated. The combination of Aura Cacia’s close relationships with growers and GC testing guarantees the production of 100% pure essential oils.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are Aura Cacia Oils Food Grade?

The Aura Cacia essential oils aren’t meant to be consumed or labeled as food grade. This does not primarily mean that they are not safe to ingest. The oils from this firm are regulated by FDA as cosmetics, meaning they aren’t food grade. Essential oils are, in most cases, graded as cosmetics since they’re very concentrated substances. You can ingest some Aura Cacia essential oils, but you will need to consult and seek guidance from a doctor or aromatherapist.

Are Aura Cacia Oils Cruelty-Free?

The term cruelty-free simply means that a company doesn’t test its products on animals. And one of the easiest ways to tell this is to look for a Leaping Bunny logo. Aura Cacia is not one of the Leaping Bunny certified companies. But this does not mean that it is cruelty-free. 

Most retailers that sell Aura Cacia products advertise them as cruelty-free, and also, the company claims that it does not test its products on animals. So you are the one to decide if a Leaping Bunny logo is what you need to see before you can be sure that the products are cruelty-free or not.

Are Aura Cacia Essential Oils Safe To Ingest?

In short, Aura Cacia essential oils are not safe to ingest. The company is committed to ensuring that all of its customers are safe, and because of this, it does not recommend this practice. So if you have been wondering if the products from this firm are edible, just know that they are not.

Final Verdict

Aura Cacia is a unique, essential oil brand committed to providing pure and high-quality essential oils. There are various cool things about the company, including brand values, essential oil education, and brand structure. With every product you purchase from the company, you receive an instruction book or pamphlet that lists recipes for different types of essential oils and how to use them. 

Also, products from Aura Cacia are affordable and attainable for most individuals who try aromatherapy before committing to the topic. Overall, we think that all products from the company are worth a try.


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