The Best Essential Oils to Diffuse

best essential oil to diffuse

What are essential oils? You might wonder. They are simply oils that are derived from fragrant plants. They are popular not just for their sweet smell, but also for their therapeutic tendencies. Essential oils have been researched to contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can be used to treat and prevent infectious diseases.
One amazing thing about the essential oils is that there are different types out there with each different performing functions. If you are curious about which essential oil you should go for, here are the ten best essential oils and their functions you should consider.


Cassia essential oil doesn’t just lift your mood with its Christmas candy smell. It is an antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. This oil is a perfect touch to the surrounding air, especially when you have people with common cold or cough around you. So, when the cold and flu season comes, you have the perfect essential oil to diffuse in your breathing space.

Clary Sage

This essential oil is popular for its help during insomnia, hormone imbalance, and other symptoms ascribed to PMS. It’s a good breath for in the home or office as it soothes the mind, thereby helping you keep calm during stress.


If you seek an essential oil that improves the mood, then, Cedarwood is just right for you. It directly impacts the part of the brain that deals with emotions and also helps the pineal gland to secrete melatonin, which causes deep sleep. Breathing this oil for a long time can clear out bronchitis, cough, and other congestion.


Diffusing Frankincense is known to enhance your focus and also improve your spiritual awareness during meditation. Having this fragrance from Frankincense fills the air can lighten your spirit and positively affect your overall attitude.


Geranium is an essential oil that isn’t just great for stress; it helps relieve negative memories by improving your emotional state while you feel more positive. This essential oil helps you stay optimistic as you go on with your day.

German Chamomile

Want calmness on a busy day? How about staying in control when things aren’t working out? Then, German Chamomile might be just what you need. This essential oil is known for calming the raging minds by bring clarity and focus to one’s emotion and thought. It can also help clear away anger by giving you a restful night, which enhances your emotional well-being.


Breathing lavender fragrant also gives a calming effect to your mind. It allows you to maintain and control your emotions, especially when dealing with depression, anxiety, nervous tension, and high blood pressure. Its scent and properties make it a good touch when you want to sleep.


Diffusing Lemongrass essential oil is said to improve one’s intuition. When used at home, it can serve as an air purifier as well as a natural insect repellent. It also makes a good essential oil to have at work since it can keep you awake and active.


The Ylang-ylang fragrance has a balancing effect on the male-female energies. Regardless of where balance is a need in you, it can help by jeering up low energies and also getting calm if you need some grounding! Aside from bringing balance, this essential oil also has a strong arousing effect on your confidence, joy, peace, and calmness.


Peppermint essential oil lives up to it’s “Happy Oil” alias as it helps with your concentration, reduces headaches, and also helps combat depression. If you are looking to start a weight loss program, the sweet scent from this oil can make you feel full when you’ve eaten by affecting the satiety center of the brain.

Aromatherapy Means to “Treat with Aroma through Inhalation.”

Aromatherapy is the fusion of two words; aroma and therapy. It is the treatment that is done through the diffusion of the fragrance of some substance that could improve your well-being and health. One of the best forms of aromatherapy is the inhalation of essential oils, as this can prove to be beneficial to your psychological and mental health.
Why essential oils? The reason for this is simple: the aroma from essential oils affects the brains in such a way that it tends to some need that we have. Some essential oils are known to bring calmness while some pump us with energy; some can relieve bad memories by inducing happiness while some can help with your appetite whichever way. There is virtually no aspect of your mental well-being that essential oils cannot help with. According to some research, essential oils are found to help maintain blood pressure, relieve stress, and even induce sleep for insomniacs.

How Do You Diffuse These Oils Effectively–and Economically?

To get the most of essential oils, you need to diffuse it for a considerable amount of time. Admittedly, this might be hard as staying in an environment where you have the fragrance could not only cost you more but also seem implausible since we have responsibilities that need our attention in different places. Well, there is no need to fret about this as there is another way to diffuse essential oils effectively for a long time without having to break the bank or stay on the spot. There are pendant diffusers that could be worn around your neck all day long while you perceive the smell as you continue with your daily activities. This method is not only effective and inexpensive, but it also gives the convenience of use to you.

Essential Oil Mistakes to Avoid

While essential oils are mostly natural, this doesn’t mean it can be used anyhow we want it. The poor use of essential oil has been known to do more than good. Even with this, it’s still surprising that people make some mistakes when it comes to essential oil. These mistakes can not only cause harm, but it can also cause it not to do the job you want the way you had expected it to. If you are wondering what mistakes you should look out for when it comes to essential oils, here are 5 major mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1. Thinking essential oils are harmless.

This is the most common mistake made by people who wear their diffusers. While in the very sense of it, essential oils are harmless, the diffuser and oils are flammable. When you are wearing your diffuser, you should do well not to come close to fire as it can get you to burn badly. Also, essential oils can aggravate some underlying health complications. Inhaling it has been found to cause allergic reactions and even trigger attacks in asthmatic patients, which is why people with health conditions should check in with their doctors before using any essential oils so as not to cause more harm to your health.

Not only should people with underlying health conditions consult their doctors before using essential oils, if you are pregnant, either confirmed or unconfirmed, it’s advised you stay away from essential oils for the time being. This is due to the uncertainty that surrounds the quantity of fragrance that could get to and affect the fetus. However, if you feel the need to use essential oil while pregnant, then you can seek professional advice about this.

2. Using undiluted essential oils

Essential oils are often time diluted to become very safe to use regardless of how you administer it unless you have an allergic reaction. By diluting it, the essential oils are mixed with other carrier oil like coconut oil, vegetable oils, and even almond oil, to mention but few. While the essential oils become with this, it comes at a price – a slight reduction in potency. Which is the reason some go for the undiluted? This, however, means using it can pose more danger to you.
Diffusers disperse essential oils in the form of vaporized particles to the atmosphere for you to inhale, even though the oil and water do not mix. So if you use undiluted essential oil are dispersed into the air as vaporized particles, it can cause skin irritation, burns, or any other skin reaction.

3. Setting yourself up for spills–without a clean-up plan.

It’s always advised not to make the mistake of spilling your essential oil, especially them undiluted, which is why you need to put it where it’s safe from unconscious reach. Even with proper safekeeping, accidents do occur in a situation where your undiluted essential oil spills, be careful not to let it touch your skin to avoid irritation or burn. Nevertheless, if it spills on your skin, you do not need to panic as that wouldn’t help you.
When trying to clean the spillage, do not use water to clean it as this can complicate the issue the more. Instead, fetch a carrier oil and pour it over the undiluted essential oil to reduce its potency. After this is done, you can clean off with soap and water.

4. Blasting your diffuser all-day

Ever heard how too much of everything is bad? The same goes for using essential oil. Often time, when we want it to achieve its aim, we leave the diffuser all day. While this might seem like a good idea, it shouldn’t be done. The aroma from essential oils can be empowering, but as time goes on with it still on, it begins to overpower you. This can make breathing hard and finally causing you to switch it off and leave the room to get some fresh air.
Experts advised that it is best to be conservative when using your diffuser. If at all you prefer to leave it on all day, your diffuser must come with different settings on the speed of dispersing the oil. This will give you control of how fast and how slow the oil gets dispensed.
If, on the other hand, your diffuser doesn’t have varying degrees of dispersing, then you need to learn how to turn it off and on at intervals. Depending on the space and the speed of diffusing, you should close your diffuser after about 1 hour of use; then, after about 30 minutes or an hour, you can switch it back on. Try different intervals to know what works for you.

5. Picking sub-par products

This is one of the trickiest mistakes people make, especially first-timers, and it concerns the essential oils as much as the diffuser. When shopping for essential oils, be careful not to purchase a sub-par product as there is a tendency it wouldn’t work if it doesn’t harm you. One of the best methods to pick the best is by first searching for organic oils in a reputable grocery store or mall. By looking for organic oils, you can be sure other types of unwanted oil won’t be mixed with it. After you’ve found this, open the testers to check for the scent that you find pleasing. This is a personal decision so far you are picking from a brand known for quality.
Another thing you should take note of when buying a product is the method of dispersing. If it will be used in a diffuser, then you would need to get one that disperses clear mist so you won’t soak up the area the diffuser is placed. Also, since essential oils are known to degrade some type of plastic, it’s best to get a high-quality diffuser.

Final Words

Essential oils work like magic when properly used. They have very appealing aromas, and they painlessly alter our brain, thoughts and, mood without us even knowing it. If you prefer to wear your diffuser as pendants, it could be a nice fashion touch for your outfit. When taken with proper safety measures, you would be surprised at how much you have been missing out on before trying it.

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