Top 17 Best Smelling Essential Oils for Diffusers (2020 Guide)

best smelling essential oils for diffuser

(Scented oils come to rescue you at your toughest times. Be it after a long day of work or for a good night’s sleep, they are your ultimate savior.)

Diffusers are not new to the world. This exuberant gift is from the exotic parts of the world and has been used widely to rejuvenate the mental peace and vitality of the users. Diffusers can be used absolutely anywhere, while you work, or read, or meditate. The oils used have salient features of calming your nerves. Our generation is one that is cursed with anxiety, and these oils can be employed very well to knock off the stress that acts as shackles to your spirits. 

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils

The benefits of essential oils are plenty. But we have listed the most talked-about for you: 

  • Boost your energy quotient and makes you feel rejuvenated

  • Calm the nerves and increases concentration and focus

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Help with certain skin problems

  • Can induce better sleep. A great non-toxic way to combat insomnia

  • Fight depression 

  • Help you with headache and mood swings

  • Can improve your sex life

Besides these, people have reported having mentally transported themselves to a happy place as some smells can trigger the limbic system of your brain, causing stimulation of emotions and memories.  

The Best Smelling Essential Oils for Diffuser (2020 Guide)

Our aim here is not simply introducing you to the essential oils for your diffuser, but also offering you the best options available in the market. We hope to facilitate your purchase. Lets dive into it!


Bergamot is extracted from the dwarf variety of the Seville orange, which is responsible for giving the Earl Grey tea its flavor. It has a very sweet scent, which can be great to work with anxiety and depression. 

  1. NOW Solutions Bergamot Essential Oil, 1-Ounce (30ml)

This oil from NOW Solutions is an amazing choice for aromatherapy. It can be either used for your diffuser or applied directly to your skin. Either way, it works wonders. It also comes at a very reasonable price, and that is, perhaps, the USP of this product. 

However, do not relate its low prices to low quality. They make sure to deliver you the best by employing a thorough range of techniques to test the quality of their products. 

  1. Gya Labs Bergamot Bergapten-Free Essential Oil

This oil is bergaptenfree, which means it would not make your skin any more sensitive to sunlight than it already is. However, you need not worry about this factor in any case, if you use it for a diffuser. The extracted oil undergoes a molecular distillation process, which helps it to attain the smell, power, and all the goodness of the oil. 


Cedarwood keeps moths at bay. So if you are troubled by cloth eating moths, using a cedarwood oil in the diffuser may be your way to go. The benefit of this oil alone is baffling. It helps with insomnia, stress, concentration, and acne.  

  1. Healing Solutions Cedarwood Premium Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

One of the best essential oils that have come to grace the market. It is GMP and Koshercertified. It has an amazing customer reception and largely positive reviews. 

Bid goodbye to all the tiredness of a long day with this oil in your diffuser. Surprise yourself with all the richness of this heavenly oil. 


Cinnamon is a widely known spice used in cooking. It allured Venetians into the subcontinent of India due to its aromatic magic and charm. In recent times, its essential oil has earned a well-deserved reputation. The essential oil extracted from it is known to stimulate circulation, fight infections, and reduce pain and stress. 

  1. ArtNaturals 100% Pure Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

It is 100% pure and unadulterated therapeutic oil, which is widely used and acclaimed by customers. It energizes your mind and dispels any negativity that may take a toll on your mental health. It is completely cruelty-free and vegan. Just dip your diffuser to experience bliss in its actuality.   


Another very important essential oil from the laps of the East that helps you with inflammation and pain. It creates a very positive vibe in places it is used. It lightens up the mood and induces a feeling of serenity in individuals

  1. Artizen Clove Essential Oil

The Artizen clove oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper. It is 100% pure, without any contaminant, and has a never-ending shelf life. It can be used in several ways to rejuvenate your mood and health. 

Clary Sage

Clary sage comes from the depths of the Northern Mediterranean basin.  Originally used as a herb, in recent times, it has gained the status of an Agrade essential oil. It is an amazing essential oil for pregnancy. It has been widely used for labor issues, postpartum depression, and the overall health of the new mother. 

  1. Plant Therapy Clary Sage Essential Oil

This oil from Plant Therapy is pure and pollutant-free. It has a nutty, floral-woody fragrance that is absolutely calming to the nerves. This company is known for manufacturing products that are affordable yet top-notch in quality. 


Geranium oil is immensely beneficial for the hair and skin. It is also known to deter insects. Many perfumes contain a percentage of geranium as well, so it is not some essential oil you are completely unfamiliar with. 

  1. doTERRA Geranium Essential Oil

A great oil to use in your diffuser indeed. It repels insects and has a sweet aroma. However, it is a bit expensive, but it is worth the price. 


Grapefruit is great for the skin, and its goodness can be used all over the year as opposed to the fruit, which is a seasonal one. It helps with balancing the mood and handles stress. Its antibacterial properties can be used for several purposes. It could also help you overcome a hangover. 

  1. doTERRA Grapefruit Essential Oil

doTERRA’s grapefruit oil is completely pure and safe to use. Just use it for your diffuser and witness your spirits to liven up.

  1. NOW Solutions Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is probably one of the oldest essential oils that mankind has been using since time immemorial. You can use it all by itself or even mix with other oils to achieve the required effect. It has a heavenly aroma that transports you immediately to your happy place. 


The lemon oil is perhaps the one essential oil that we are most familiar with. It has been used in households for ages to treat acne, warts, varicose veins, and depression. It is not at all toxic and can be used for all skin types. When used in a diffuser, it freshens up the air like nothing else. The tangy aroma infuses energy the entire vicinity, making your home smell hospitable. 

  1. Majestic Pure Lemon Oil

Majestic pure lemon oil is truly pure without any filters or alcohol, totally vegan. It comes in the cold-pressed form. It has natural cooling and anti-infection properties as well. The container is huge and has a dropper. Use a few drops in your diffuser, sit back, and relax in the richness of the oil. 


The patchouli oil is derived from the patchouli plant’s leaves. It is an important ingredient of aromatherapy for its rich therapeutic value. It is used to treat some skin conditions, along with treating stress and anxiety. The west is ditching pills and resorting to the goodness of nature to overcome the complications of lifestyle and health. Patchouli is gaining a lot of attention due to its healing and soothing properties. 

  1. Plant Therapy Patchouli Essential Oil

Any aromatherapist will tell you how the Plant Therapy patchouli oil can be used to completely change your lifestyle. You may use it along with other oils like the vetiver, as it is basically from the peppermint family. It comes in pure form without any fillers, bases, or carrier oils. 


We are sure you are not unfamiliar with rosemary, after all, we use it in our mashed potatoes. But did you know it has much more to it than just adding flavor to your potatoes? It is a great oil for stress relief and ingestion.

  1. NATRÄL Rosemary, 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil

It has a sweet yet musky aroma and comes in a blue bottle with a dropper. After a long day, leave your baggage behind by using this oil in your diffuser. You won’t regret making this purchase, we assure you. 


Sandalwood generally comes in two varieties: Hawaiian and Indian. It is excellent diffusible oil that can be used with other oils. It has a very sophisticated woody scent that is perfect for a formal or private rendezvous. It calms the nerves and is good for skin as well. 

  1. SenseLAB Sandalwood Essential Oil

It is pure and filter-less oil, which truly stands exemplified of all the goodness that sandalwood has to offer. 


Vetiver oil comes from the grass of the same name. It is widely used in perfumes for its rich and exotic fragrance. It helps in regulating emotions. 

  1. Aura Cacia Pure Essential Oil, Vetiver 

Perhaps the best vetiver oil available in the market if one abides by customer report. It can be used by people with sleeping disorders. Works great in a diffuser and can also be mixed with other oils of your choice. 


Ylangylang is already used in some perfumes, toners, and creams. It is good for the skin and can be used in complement with several other oils. This, too, comes from the tropics with all its therapeutic goodness. It has a sweet fruity smell that is widely loved, especially by women all over the world. 

  1. YlangYlang Essential Oil by Healing Solutions  

Healing Solutions offers you money back if you do not experience 100% satisfaction. Now that is a bold step to take. And let us tell you, the reviews are majorly positive. Just like any reputed company, it is Koshercertified and FDAapproved. It has a very distinct earthly smell that will imbibe joy in you instantly when used in a diffuser. 

  1. YlangYlang Essential Oil by Diffuse Essential Oils 

This oil has some serious medicinal qualities that can help you keep your fluctuating heartbeat in control and raise the flow of blood. It has a great effect on the skin as it moisturizes and treats premature aging. A great option for either diffuser uses or directly on the skin. 


Jasmine is already used in various perfumes and lotions for its fragrance. But there is more to it. It relieves any muscle aches or pains. It can also be used to treat irritated skin and inflammation. The anti-oxidants and fatigue-reducing elements in the oil are very much sought after.    

  1. 100% Pure Undiluted Essential Oil – Jasmine by Red Silk Essentials 

To lay your hands on a 100% pure jasmine essential oil is very difficult, trust us. Due to its fragile elemental composition, it is rare not to adulterate it, but Red Silk Essentials have made it possible. It means it comes with all the richness of jasmine uncompromised. Besides the therapeutic benefits, jasmine essential oil is often considered an aphrodisiac, especially for the ladies.  


We hope we have helped you familiarize and resolve your dilemmas about which essential oil to use in your diffuser. Ditch your old potpourri and instead embrace the richness of essential oils that do not just make your surrounding fragrant, but also acts as therapy for the well-being of your body and soul.  

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