Rocky Mountain Oils Review (2020)

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Rocky Mountain Oils Review – Affordable Pure Essential Oils from a Trusted Company

Essential oils are one of the most favorite items for most individuals. For many years people have used a combination of different oils, including some from Multi-Level Marketing firms. But most of them have discovered the Rocky Mountain Oils, and they are not looking to go back.
They now use the oils exclusively. Rocky Mountain Oils not only provide the same and high-quality oils as many other brands, but they are also affordable. Every essential oil from this brand is independently tested to ensure that you are using the highest quality oil out there. One of the main concerns with pure essential oils is when individuals are new to them, and they do not know how to use them correctly.

They do not always understand that, just like other medications, essential oils are powerful plant extractions that need to be used correctly to be safe and effective. The Rocky Mountain Oils Company understands this, and they do a great job of providing free education on dilution rates, the way of use, and other important things about their products.
Apart from providing high-quality essential oils, Rocky Mountain has also taken an environmentally-friendly approach to their packaging and shipping. Everything that you could possibly need or want to know is available on their website. And the best thing is that they take purity and quality seriously.
But who is Rocky Mountain? This is a reputable brand that provides you with an opportunity to purchase and use high-quality essential oils. It was established in 2004 and currently offers a massive range of authentic and natural essential oils, nutritional products, and crafted blends. Whether you’re an expert looking for 100% pure essential oils or you want to try it for the first time, Rocky Mountain has got you covered.

My Standards for Essential Oils

Before using, it is important to be sure that the product does not have any negative effects on your health. As a consumer or an aromatherapist, it is challenging to assess the quality of any essential oils on the market.
But if you know your standards for essential oils, you will be able to pick a high-quality and safe product. With Rocky Mountain products, there is no need to worry about the standards since the products are affordable and come from a reputable company. Here are the main standards to look for.

Ingredients: I Want to Know I’m Safe

It is true that essential oils are a rapidly growing market. And every individual from across the universe wants to use essential oil products. From Multi-Level companies to Etsy, there are plenty of brands trying to manufacture and make profits from essential oils.
However, for them to be safe and effective, there are various procedures that manufacturers need to follow. And unless a manufacturer allows you to know their process, you cannot be sure that you will be purchasing high-quality essential oils. The Rocky Mountain Company lets you know how their products are made.

Each bottle you buy from the brand has a batch code at the bottom that can help you know the purity testing reports. You will need to enter the code on the Rocky Mountain Oils website. Once you do that, you will be able to check all the test results and reports of your product. This helps you to ensure the purity of your essential oils.
What is even better is that the Rocky Mountain Company encourages the best practices when it comes to essential oils. The firm is always committed to keeping you safe, healthy, and happy. They even recommend talking to your health expert before using essential oils or in case of sensitivity or allergy. Additionally, they provide a dilution guide for application and kid-friendly essential oils.


In terms of prices, Rocky Mountain oils are quite affordable. A massive variety of products cost 15 USD for a 15 mL bottle. Additionally, the company offers free shipping within the United States on all orders over 25 USD.
And the better thing is that RMO has a reward program. With Rocky Mountain products, every individual can purchase essential oils at an affordable price without having to sacrifice safety and quality. Plus, with their easily-obtainable free shipping, the occasional sale, and the rewards program, you will be saving a significant amount of cash while you shop.
If you are looking for high-quality essential oils, then look no further than Rocky Mountain Oils. You will not only feel 100% safe using the products from this brand but also enjoy the trust and affordability they offer.

Rocky Mountain Oil Quality Standards

RMO has high standards for all of their essential oils. And if you are looking to learn more, no need to worry. You are going to learn different aspects and features that will make you love the essential oils from this company. Just relax and read on to learn more.

Essential Oil Test Results

The Rocky Mountain Company brand cares about quality like no other essential oil manufacturer in the industry. They are committed to providing the products of the highest quality and offer a 100% gratification that all of their essential oils are potent and pure. The firm supports this guarantee through its authentic GC/MC test results.
Additionally, the company provides unrivaled customer support services through its 90-day product return policy. RMO uses a reputable third-party independent lab that is watched over by its in-house chemists. Also, its experts do additional testing at the headquarters. Apart from that, the firm provides its test results online for free.
Each and every essential oil bottle has a batch code at the bottom. All that you need to do is to enter the code into the website correctly, and you will be in the position to see all the results of your essential oils quality and purity tests.

But what is GC/MS testing? Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry testing is an analytical procedure that combines all the features of mass spectrometry and gas-chromatography to identify the substances available within test samples.
This type of testing provides Rocky Mountain Oils with useful data about the constituent compounds that are available in the oils and the amount of each component constituent present.

Rocky Mountain Oils S.A.A.F.E Promise

The brand developed the S.A.A.F.E Promise to help explain its quality standards and to guarantee that they manufacture a 100% pure essential oils. Here is what S.A.A.F.E stands for:
Satisfaction Guaranteed: RMO is an essential oil manufacturer that cares about customers and the quality of the products that it offers. The firm has a return policy; 90-Day purity and quality test results. Offer a satisfaction guarantee for high- quality and safe products.
Authentic: The firm has plenty of guidelines that its suppliers must meet, and they will not use it until fulfilling all of them. The suppliers then test the essential oils through a reputable third party. Rocky Mountain Oils will not accept any oils unless they are 100% pure. They test the products through the lab.

Analysis: Rocky Mountain Oils go through three types of testing, which include GC/MS, organoleptic tests that are done by the in-house chemists, and Refractive Index, where they use a refractometer to test the light that passes through the oils to see if they have any adulterants.

Free of Adulterants: RMO ensures that all products are free from adulterants. That is why all of its products are 100% pure, what is guaranteed through careful processing as well as testing.

Effective and Pure: Any essential oils with fragrances and other impurities are not as effective as pure ones. The brand guarantees that all of its products are pure and effective.


When it comes to sustainability, the Rocky Mountain Oils Company has two methods to focus on. The recycled packaging and recycling program.
100% Recycled Materials Packaging: Just like the company is committed to protecting the purity of its essential oils, it is also dedicated to preserving the environment provided. All the boxes plus shipping materials that the firm uses are not only 100% recyclable but also 100% recycled.

The first Bottle Recycling Program: In addition to the eco-friendly packaging, the company also has the industry’s first Bottle Recycling Program in place. It distributes all of its used containers, including returns to authorized recycling centers for proper disposal. Additionally, you can send old essential oil containers from any other company, and RMO will help you recycle them. The brand also offers a lookup for different local glass recycling centers.

They’re Committed to Educating Their Customers

When you visit the RMO website and click on the main menu, you will see the Learn tab. This tab has different sections that help visitors to get more information about the company and the services available. You will learn everything from the company’s history to quality testing and more. Some sections with helpful information include:
The Blog: RMO has an excellent blog that offers lots of helpful information. The blog has several sections, which include essential oil basics, household, DIYs, personal care, and mind/body/spirit. Through the blog, the RMO ensures that you are able to enjoy plenty of extras, gift guides, health tips, diffuser blends, and more.

Essential Oils Guides: There are a lot of guides under the essential oil guides tab. You will find different guides for lavender, orange, tea tree, grapefruit, and lemon as well as frankincense, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils.

Essential Oils Dilution Guide. The company understands that essential oils are strong, and most individuals do not know how they can use them. That is why it has a detailed essential oil dilution guide on its website. The guide provides information about the right amount of oil to use with the carrier oil during application.

Additionally, it helps you to carry out a patch test if you are using essential oil for the first time. So when you visit the essential oils’ dilution guide section, you will be sure to learn everything from the way of use to testing allergy.

Safety: RMO does not encourage the ingestion of the essential oils. This is not because they are impure. They know that when consumed, they can lead to some health issues. Also, they recommend talking to health experts before consuming them since some individuals are sensitive to them. You will find this information in the answers on the FAQ pages. Being committed to ensuring that all customers are safe is one of the best things about the brand.

The Promise: Under the Learn tab, you will also find the promise section. When you access it, you will find a lot of information about the quality of the essential oils. There is information about the GC/MS tests that verify the quality and purity of the products that the brand sells. It claims to use the latest state-of-the-art scientific studies, work with expert technicians, world-renowned aromatherapists, and chemists to provide you with essential oils.
Apart from purity and quality, RMO also promises to provide you with natural essential oils. The company supports upcoming firms and works with qualified technicians and reputable labs to ensure that you are using high-quality products. Their essential oils are from fresh plant extracts obtained from grass, roots, leaves, flowers, and fruits.

Essential Oils Comparison Chart: If you are planning to try a blend that is similar to one of their own, RMO has a comparison chart for doTERRA and Young Living blends.

Essential Oils 101: RMO provides all customers with detailed information about essential oils. The company wants to be sure that all of its customers know what essential oils are before they can purchase and use them.

When you read the information provided in this section, you will learn how to use essential oils, how to store them, and the information available on the bottles. Additionally, you will learn about different icons and their meaning.

Rocky Mountain Oils Kids Line: Still under customer safety, RMO knows that some essential oils can be strong for young individuals. And you will get a well-organized guide under this section. Additionally, they provide kids guide so that you do not guess the dilution rates. It encourages all essential oil users to check the RMO dilution guide before applying them to children.

Rocky Mountain Oils’ Prices

Many individuals love inexpensive yet high-quality products. If you are one of them, then Rocky Mountain Oils has got you covered. All of its products are not only 100% pure but also affordable.
The company has a massive range of products to choose from, and with its affordable rates, everyone is sure to find an essential oil that will meet their unique needs and requirements. Some of the essential oil products available include blends, singles, organic, bestsellers, for moms and kids, and more.

Rocky Mountain Oils Singles + Blended Essential Oils

RMO types

The Rocky Mountain Oils ensure that they have something for everyone. And this is true when you visit the website and navigate to the shop tab, you will find a huge list of essential oils for both blends and singles. Also, you will find:

  • Diffusers
    Starter kits
    A line for kid
    An organic line
    Collections such as cleaning, sleep, and energy

Rocky Mountain Oils Recipes

Rocky Mountain Oils have a recipe section that offers useful guidelines on how to prepare different health products at home. When you visit the recipes section, you will get detailed steps on how to make products like sweet blooms bath salts, cold and flu bath bombs, love potion roll-on perfume, soothing foot soak, and morning wake-up shower rinse among others.
The steps are well-arranged to enable you to scan them through in a few minutes. If you want to create some of these items, then Rocky Mountain Oils recipes section is a perfect destination for you.

My Thoughts

Overall, the Rocky Mountain Oils Company offers one of the best products in the market. You will enjoy lots of amazing products ranging from singles, blends, organic, and skincare to blending supplies, diffusers, and carrier oils.
When it comes to customer service, the company offers free shipping within the United States of America, a 90-day return policy, free customer education, the rewards program, and recycling used bottles and other materials. With Rocky Mountain Oils, you can rest assured that all the essential oils you purchase from the company are of high quality and 100% pure.
If you have been using other oils, you will notice a lot of differences when you switch to Rocky Mountain Oils. You can trust the brand for all your needs and requirements. Do not waste your time looking for products from other companies since Rock Mountain Oils has everything you need.

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